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Homemade Cupcakes

from the Hayloft

made fresh daily!
How to order cupcakes

Pick out your flavors, you must order at least 6 cupcakes per flavor for special orders or you can request assorted at any time.

Cupcakes are $3.00 each.


Special orders require a minimum of three days notice. If you are past the 2 days cut off, you can still order "assorted" which would be a mixture of what cupcakes we make fresh that day.

We make a different assortment of cupcakes each day.

You can also call the day before or day of to see what we have in the case and pick from those flavors. 


Any of the flavors with "GF" next to it can be made gluten free!

We are not a GF certified facility.

Restaurant menu


Lemon lovers 

Lemon blueberry


Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry shortcake*

Strawberry sugar cookie

Chocolate salted caramel*





Sugar cookie*

Peanut butter cookie

Snowball (chocolate with coconut)*

Cookies and cream

Cookie Monster 

Mint Oreo

PB Oreo

Peanut butter banana 



Birthday cake*



Salted caramel*

Chocolate peanut butter*

Carrot cake

Cookie dough

Mint choc chip

Wedding cake

Banana pancake 



Toffee crunch*

Red velvet

Red velvet Oreo 

Hot fudge sundae*

Double fudge*

Double fudge Oreo 

Worms and dirt (kids cupcake)

The Hayloft (white cake, peanut butter icing, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce)*

Spice cake

Yellow cake with fudge*

Cinnamon roll*

Butter pecan caramel

Caramel macchiato

Mocha chip

French toast 


Strawberry margarita 

Blueberry cobbler


Caramel apple

Apple pie

Double fudge salted caramel*

Brownie (buttercream, mint, peanut butter, double fudge, salted caramel)*

Almond Joy

Pumpkin spice (fall)

Pumpkin snickerdoodle (fall)

Pumpkin cinnamon roll (fall)

Pumpkin mudslide (fall) 

Peppermint mocha (winter/Christmas)

Hot chocolate (winter)

Chocolate candy cane (winter/Christmas)

Peppermint bark (winter/Christmas)

Peppermint hot cocoa (winter/Christmas)

Irish cream (vanilla or chocolate) 

Visit Daily to shop our fresh flavors!  Or pre-order your own custom selections.

made fresh daily!
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