Prices are an estimate. Items are subject to change. GF options are available at an upcharge. Order by emailing with your order, your name, and your phone number. For curbside pickup please pull up to the grey door at the end of the strip. We will come out with a credit card reader, so no reason to call!

Smoked Pork Chop Dinner $60

4 Bone-in porckchops

4 sweet potatoes or Idaho potatoes

2 brocolini bundles

1 bbq sauce 

Cole slaw 

6 pack cupcakes

*Can substitute cupcakes with 4 GF cookies

Chuck Roast Dinner $45

Chuck Roast 

Sweet Onion 

Bag of Carrots

2 Idaho Potatoes

Shoup’s Seasoning


Salad Mix

4 Cookies

*Not Available until 5/22

*Can substitute rolls for GF rolls

Pasta Dinnner $45


Gourmet Sauce

Mozzarella Cheese


Italian Pizza Sausage

Salad Mix

4 Lemon Bars

*GF Option Available

Pulled Pork Dinner $35

1 package of Fischer Farms seasoned/ smoked pulled pork (heat and serve) 

BBQ sauce

Brioche Buns 


Broadripple Chips

4 Corn on the Cob 

4 cookies

*GF option available

Breakfast Sanwiches $30

English Muffins 

Dozen Eggs 

Sausage with Sage Patties 


Gallon of Chocolate Milk 

Burger Dinner $40

Pack of Fischer Farms Ground Beef Patties



4 Ears of Corn

Broadripple Chips

6 Cupcakes

*GF Option Available

Sweet Italian Brats Dinner $38

1 pack King's Sweet Italian Chicken Brats

1 pack buns 

1 lb Italian pasta salad

Broadripple Chips

6 cupcakes

Snack Attack $28

Broadripple Chips Roasted Garlic Horseradish Dip

Groomsville Popcorn

Tell City Pretzels 

Summer Sausage

Rainy Day Bundle $50

Soup Mix of Your Choice 

Mini Toasts

Salad Mix

Dinner Rolls

4 cookies

*Soup options are Baked Potato, Broccoli Cheddar, Tortilla Con Queso, Roasted Corn Chowder, Grilled Cheese and Tomato, Chicken Noodle

Grilled Kabob Dinner $50

Boneless pork chops

Green Peppers

Red Onion 

Whole Mushrooms

Honey Chipotle Glaze

Dinner Rolls

Italian Pasta Salad

4 Cookies

*GF option available

Date Night Dinner $50

2 Fischer Farms Filets 

2 Idaho Potatoes

Caesar salad Kit

Asparagus or Brocolini

Chocolate Truffle 

Steak Dinner for Four $50

4 Tri-Tip Steaks

4 Ears of Corn

4 Idaho Potatoes

Caesar Salad Kit

6 Cupcakes

*GF Option Available


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Brownsburg, IN



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