We felt that with how much everything has changed we should make a master list of important information and FAQs. 


First things first, here’s some information about us: we are a farm-to-table grocery store carrying local, premium meats, produce, and artisanal goods. Right now, in order to better serve you during this unprecedented time we have produce that is not local but it is still top of the line. If you would like to see some of our specialty items please feel free to look through our Facebook and Instagram: @thehayloftbrownsburg. 


We are currently closed to the public. Our hours are now 10am-4pm, Monday-Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.


Given that we are closed to the public we are doing curbside and delivery orders! 


The ordering process is the same for curbside and delivery. You can either call us at (317)-939-2957 or email us with your order (sarah@thehayloftfarmtotable.com), after checking https://www.thehayloftfarmtotable.com/what-we-have-today and making your grocery list. 


If you do an email order please give us your full name and phone number so we can call you for your payment information. 


Thank you again for your continued support.